Cloud Foundation Assessment

You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going. When it comes to cloud computing that begins with clearly understanding where you are.

CloudScale’s Cloud Foundation Assessment helps achieve that clarity, thorough understanding the current state of your environment:

  • How you will define the success of your cloud transition
  • Who your users are and how they’re grouped
  • What applications and workloads each group needs to use
  • How many users are mobile and the nature of the networks they currently use to connect to your resources
  • How users and groups interact with each other to share data and avoid creating productivity-killing silos
Four weeks in duration, the CloudScale Cloud Foundation Assessment collects all of this information and more. The resulting transition plan includes remediation of any current performance and security concerns prior to or during transition. Ultimately, this migration roadmap reduces the risks usually associated with any change in platform or other business transformation.



Many of the decisions you made when you first planned your existing on-premise IT environment may change as you take fullest advantage of cloud computing. How you manage user identities, how you control secure access to specific resources, how you allocate resources and more. Your CloudScale transition roadmap incorporates these changes before you begin your journey, reducing your risk and optimizing your resulting environment.


  • CloudScale conducts an exhaustive inventory of all users, applications, workloads, and other objects resident in your current environment.
  • We conduct Solution Alignment Workshops with your key people to assure that we completely understand your goals and objectives.
  • Grounded in a deep understanding of both on-premise and cloud environments, our team determines what configuration changes would extract maximum value from Office365 and Microsoft Azure for you.
  • Your resulting roadmap reports in plain language all of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in the transition to assure that you fully understand them.


In any transition, moving faulty things to the new environment is never advisable. As a key component of your roadmap, CloudScale resolves and remediates any existing challenges to assure the success of your move, and the integrity of your new cloud environment.


  • CloudScale identifies and reports in a detailed checklist of all issues existing in your current environment that require attention and remediation.
  • This checklist includes CloudScale’s recommendations for the best way to achieve complete remediation.
  • Paying special attention to your Active Directory Infrastructure, CloudScale engineers perform the required remediation and then prepare all of your user identities and resources for smooth transition to Office365 and Microsoft Azure.




Security must always be a top priority. CloudScale bakes sound security strategies into every component, every step of your new cloud environment because a chain truly is only as strong as its weakest link.

Security is a far-ranging discipline with many levels:


  • How will your users authenticate themselves when signing onto the network?
  • How will the safety and sovereignty of your data be protected both in transit between you and your cloud resources, as well as at rest in cloud storage?
  • How will your network be protected against access from unauthorized devices?
  • How will those devices, especially mobile devices, be secured to assure that they don’t become easy doorways into your network?
  • How will you support rapid eDiscovery and similar processes while maintaining full security?
  • How will you assure the protection of your highest-value intellectual property?
Remember that security is never a “set-it-and-forget-it” reality. Everyone in your organization must participate actively in protecting your information assets. CloudScale makes sure that everyone knows what is required, and how it protects them.
  • CloudScale security experts will provide your teams the deepest possible understanding of how the security services built into Office365 and Microsoft Azure work.
  • During our Solution Alignment Workshops we will gather all information required to recommend the best possible architecture for your network, your devices, and your data and network security.
  • CloudScale architects will perform all configuration and deployment tasks making your transition secure, complete, and just about completely transparent to you.


The Cloud Foundation Assessment is designed to take no more than four weeks to assure you that your actual migration to Office365 and Microsoft Azure will begin in no more than four weeks. Once the plan is finalized, the actual transition is very rapid.


  • Because Client Success is our top priority, a Client Success Manager is assigned to every CloudScale client. Their Job Description is simple: Do everything necessary to assure Your client of a prompt, secure, non-disruptive, successful migration to Office365 and Microsoft Azure.
  • Your CloudScale roadmap includes a Service Enablement Plan which clearly identifies each service being performed so you’ll know what’s being done, and why!
  • In the end result, your organization will have a well-documented environmental assessment detailing your stable, secure cloud foundation and a detailed plan for each and every step involved in successfully migrating your company to Office365 and Microsoft Azure.

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