Azure Foundation Assessment

CloudScale’s Azure Foundation Assessment is everything you need to assess, remediate, secure and build your Azure cloud platform environment. The assessment is a 4 week program that is designed to accelerate your move to the cloud while reducing the risk associated with moving your applications and infrastructure


From Identity strategy to virtual machine migration the cloud changes everything. Having a plan that identifies all critical path variables and knowing before you start your journey to the cloud is critical to both risk management and overall success of your deployment.


  • Start with an understanding of how your environment translates to Azure with our solution alignment workshops.
  • Our team will build a deep assessment of your current environment and provide a clear path as to the order and priority of your Azure VM and application migration.
  • Understand the risks associated with moving your services to the cloud before you begin.


Starting your move to the cloud with a solid foundation ensures that when your migration starts, critical mistakes are not made and the velocity of your move intact.


  • We provide a detailed checklist of issues that exist in your environment which act as blockers to a successful migration.
  • CloudScale architects will help identify the best options for remediation.
  • Our engineers will then remediate your environment and position your Azure tenants as well as your Active Directory infrastructure for the migration.




Cloud security is the number one priority of any organization moving to the cloud. Information protection, device management, eDiscovery and access control all play a critical role in ensuring the security and sovereignty of you intellectual property.


  • CloudScale will provide your teams with a deep understanding of Azure’s available security services.
  • Our Solution Alignment Workshops will help you decide on a infrastructure, device and information security architecture that provides maximum protection as you move into this ubiquitous cloud services world.
  • CloudScale Architects will configure and deploy this architecture positioning your company for a secure transition to the cloud.


CloudScale’s Cloud Foundation Assessment positions your organization to begin its move to the cloud within 4 weeks of engaging. Once the assessment is complete your move to the cloud and its success is guaranteed.


  • CloudScale is all about client success, which is why every client project is assigned a client success manager to ensure the transition to Office365 and Azure is a success.
  • Our team of project planners will deliver a service enablement plan that clearly identifies each service and how it will be deployed in your environment.
  • The end result of the Cloud Foundation Assessment engagement will be that your organization has a well documented environmental assessment with a stable and secure cloud foundation and a detailed plan for migrating your services to Azure.

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