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Cloud is all about people. Your users, how quickly they adopt and adapt to the new cloud environment and how easy it is for them to work faster, better, and collaborate more effectively than ever.

The CloudScale Revolution is a User Revolution, focused not on the underlying enabling technology but rather on the people using it. The most desirable user experience is technologically unnoticeable and extremely engaging from a look and feel perspective. Your people forget about the computer, the network, the files, and the rest of the supporting technology. Instead they focus on their work, which translates to your success and increased profitability.
Make no mistake, many cloud transition initiatives fail, and the reason most often cited is the failure of users to adopt the new platform.

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure customized user experiences created by CloudScale have driven user adoption so effectively that we recently achieved a milestone in Office365 user management of over 77,000 users with an average adoption rate of our solutions of 97%.

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Start by Creating a Secure Foundation

You may not think of the word “secure” when talking about cloud, but the cloud platform that supports your business must be stable and secure. This requires careful planning, design, provisioning, and deployment to launch and maintain cloud services your users will readily adopt, and your business can depend upon to deliver constant value with minimal risk and maximum performance.

The good news is that, for several years now, the overwhelming majority of Microsoft cloud users report that they sleep better at night knowing their applications and workloads are being managed and secured in the cloud.

“CloudScale has changed the way we work and interact with our customers. The solutions they’ve developed for us are widely adopted and helping us drive more revenue and return on investment in our Office365 and Azure agreements with Microsoft.”

Reinvent Business Productivity in the Cloud

Your company stops worrying about how to deliver all the tools your users need, and how to bring them all together in the most productive way. Your users always receive the most current, fully updated, reliable, secure tools completely ready to facilitate vibrant collaboration, and all without anyone in your company ever having to worry about how to deliver them.

Drive Engagement Through Superior User Experiences

It’s all about your users, not the computer software or hardware. If your users don’t readily and enthusiastically adopt your new cloud platform you can’t achieve the ROI management is looking for.

A superior user experience creates engaged, happy, enthusiastically adopting users. When the interface makes sense, is truly easy to use, and obtaining needed resources is so simple, users are experiencing an environment in which work becomes fun and easy.

CloudScale focuses everything on creating, maintaining, and constantly enhancing your users’ experience with your new cloud platform:

“If you could create the ideal way to access all of your information resources and connect to your colleagues, what would that look like?”
That’s the question the CloudScale process begins with. Our team then shares with yours the experience of envisioning many different cloud environments to help you take best advantage of all the cloud has to offer.
When the user experience turns out just the way they envisioned it, eager adoption becomes almost automatic.

Underneath that vision there must be a solid, sound, secure foundation that assures maximum performance and minimal risk. It won’t matter how good it looks, or how well arranged the user interface is if things just don’t work. We make sure they do!

Your key objective is to have a superior cloud environment for your team to work in. You don’t want to suddenly have to learn a lot more about how to make cloud computing platforms work.
We know how to make cloud computing platforms work better than anyone. Our team brings years of experience working for some of the foremost providers in the IT industry. We build it all for you, and make sure it keeps on performing.

Drive Adoption
Nothing is more important, and as you’ve read through our methodology, you’ve heard that repeatedly. If users don’t adopt, every penny of investment is wasted.
CloudScale focuses first, last, and always on improving and assuring enthusiastic user adoption of your cloud platform. Their enjoyment and ability to excel must be every bit as solid, sound, and secure as every other component of your cloud. CloudScale assures that.

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